Seven poker decks that will surprise you

poker decks

Although playing poker is very simple and anyone can do it if they have some basic notions of how to play, the truth is that in order to do it regularly and successfully you need several things. The most important thing is to have the desire and the attitude, since this game could perfectly be considered a mental sport, which requires good characteristics to succeed with it. You also need patience and a lot of concentration.

In online poker tournaments you won’t have to worry about that, but for those who enjoy playing with friends at home and manually, you might. A standard French deck of 52 cards divided into the four suits: hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs. Depending on the variant we play, we will need one deck or more than one. For Texas Holdem, which is the most common and the best known all over the world, it is not necessary. However, there are other games in which it may be necessary. There are card rooms where dealers have more than one deck of cards ready.

Are all decks the same? For practical purposes, yes, but for visual purposes they are not. There are exclusive decks that adapt to the way of playing or to the personality of each player and that as a user of this game can catch you. With all of them you will have to keep forming the classic poker hands that will help you defeat all your opponents. Let’s take a look at some of the most special ones we can find.

The Star Wars deck

Not so long ago a pack of cards inspired by George Lucas’ Star Wars movie saga was released. A perfect deck for any fan who wants to use the force to win a lot of hands and make their friends desperate. The cards come with a black background on the front and each card features a greyscale character from the famous series. At the white ends is the numbering and suit of each card surrounded by a white circle. On the back they all have the same member of the Stormtroopers. They also include an embossed metal box.

The old deck of cards

We continue with the classics and surely those who have loved poker for many years or who have enjoyed very old games will love the deck designed by Bicycle. This famous company specialises in manufacturing French playing cards and supplies the cards to most American casinos. One of their creations are cards that are faded, as if time has passed them by, although in reality they are brand new. In shades of brown and blue and simulating the fading of time. Antique lovers are sure to love it.

The simplest deck of cards

And from a very old deck of cards we move on to a more modern one that stands out for eliminating the elements that are really superfluous, leaving only the essentials. Surely this sounds like simplicity, minimalism. And this is the style of the deck created by Joe Doucet. The cards are completely white, with no figures or elements to indicate the number. Only in the upper left corner of each card we find the number and the symbol of the deck to which it belongs. The hearts are represented by red triangles, the spades by black triangles, the diamonds by red diamonds and the clubs by three black circles.

The deck of terror

Bicycle also stars in one of the scariest decks of playing cards you can find. For all those who are fans of horror movies, the Stranger Things series, or paranormal activities, these cards are for them. They are based on the Hidden film series, designed in black and red tones. On the opposite side we see a drawing of six circles with different horror elements engraved inside each one, while as for the playing cards there are some decorated with eyes, the figures have skull faces and the like.

The Batman deck

Although they are not licensed cards from the famous DC Comics character, they could very well be. It’s a completely black deck, with white and blue details. With a very mysterious design, with a metal box to keep them in, with the king of spades engraved in a kind of led light drawing, and with the particularity of being waterproof. If you spill something on them you won’t have to worry, they are resistant, just like Batman.

The futuristic deck of cards

And watch out, because if we were talking about the past, now we are talking about the future. The most futuristic deck of cards with transparent, waterproof cards and a box in the same style. On the edges it has the number and suit of the card in circles and in the centre a retouch to decorate. Ideal for those who are attracted by modernity, almost as if from another galaxy.

The solitaire deck

One of the most difficult to obtain is the deck of cards inspired by the classic Windows solitaire game by designer Evan Roth. Housed in a box with the solitaire.exe login logo and the author’s signature on the bottom, the cards have a pixelated background of a beach on the back. The cards are also pixelated, although they come in the same shape as the classic deck.