Online Poker Prospects: How Long Will The Industry Work

Online Poker

Each player is a unique person who is waiting for an individual approach. With the decline of online poker, companies looking to maintain their place in the market will have to build an exceptional service – and therefore work much harder. Online services strive to attract new clients. In this way, the popularity of such games as online poker is still increasing as some promotional offers may allow gamblers to play longer for free. To check out a practical example, visit https://cookiecasino.one/bonuses/ and take part in the competition with a cash prize awarded monthly, 32 smaller tournaments run every week, while 224 prizes are granted every day. There are a lot of other establishments that provide similar offers for their audience.

Employees of poker companies also need additional motivation. Many of them have been in the industry for ten years and see what is happening to it now. Most of them also love poker, do not want to lose their jobs and income. Appealing to their emotions is not a bad idea. Here are the statistics that show the decline of poker:

  • The numbers show that Europe, not North America, was the most profitable region for online poker from 2005 to 2015. During this period, its share in global revenue increased from 33% to 58%.
  • During the same time, the share of North America dropped from 59% to 12%. The most obvious explanation is the US ban on online gambling in 2006 and Black Friday in 2011.
  • In 2010, the share of North America was still 34%. The subsequent decline was extremely sharp (income in the short term fell by the same percentage as in the previous five years).

There are prospects for the growth of the industry, but the resistance will be difficult to overcome. In America, you need to lobby for the interests of the industry, in Europe – to unique existing services, in Asia – to attract new users. If companies manage to at least partially realize this potential, they will stop losing revenue.

The Role of Marketing in Poker Rehabilitation

Well-known poker player Lee Davy shared his own vision of the problem of large online poker companies. In his opinion, their services are impersonal. Davy said that he is registered with many poker, bookmaker, and casino sites. Every day, dozens of flashy advertisements similar to each other arrive in his email.

Online poker used to be a technical innovation. Users chose poker rooms based on profitability, focusing on those brands that have the best software, bonus systems, and promotions. Now the market is saturated with such services, and supply exceeds demand. Davy believes that appealing to intelligence with benefits is not enough – emotional response, loyalty is needed.

Analyzing the advertising “spam” of his mail, he noticed that the ads always look the same, in the manner of “press the big shiny button to get a deposit bonus!” Davy is surprised that poker rooms use this same simple trick so often, but rarely pay attention to other email marketing trends. He says a company must study its habits and personality in order to know the basic traits of its consumers.