Combined football betting: learn how to succeed

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Successful football accumulator betting on 14 matches? Quite unlikely. Winning $3,500 betting just $1? Practically impossible. As it turns out, the highly improbable and the practically impossible have become a reality. Just ask Francisco, our new hero, who has proved himself to be an expert in football betting. A big digital round of applause for him, please!

You’re probably thinking that I’m pulling your leg or something. Or at best, that our dear Francisco has been so lucky he can’t believe his luck. But I’ll tell you one thing, luck is not a fluke. Strategies, knowledge and combined bets make luck appear.

I still can’t believe it! 3500$ betting just 1$, simply spectacular. If you still think Francisco is a lucky man, you’re still wrong. Francisco did not appear to the virgin or the genie of the lamp, he knows very well what he is doing. If you want to know the tricks he used to win this bet, keep reading this post and pay close attention… But first, let’s take a closer look at how he pulled off this feat.

Football Multi betting tips

Football accumulator bets can be a good way to earn a bonus and treat yourself to a little something extra. Unlike single bets, with multi bets you risk less money and can win more, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. So, what do you need to do to succeed as Francisco?

First of all, you need to have a good knowledge of the sport you are going to bet on in order to be able to get ahead of the odds. In other words, you’re hardly going to win a football bet if you’ve never seen a game in your life. It could be, but it seems a bit tricky. So the first step has to be to choose a sport that you follow regularly and are more or less proficient in. Our role model (Francisco) chose football, a very good choice.

Knowing well the event you are going to bet on is basic to be successful.

Once you have chosen the modality in which you are going to make the combined bet, another recommendation is to choose the most reliable predictions, even if the odds are low. Following the example of football, top teams such as Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Paris Saint Germain… in most of their matches they start as favourites, especially if they play at home. You will notice that the odds are quite low, but when you include them in a combined bet, the odds are multiplied. Not only will you be betting at a higher odds, but you will also have a better chance of getting the results right as you have bet on low risk games.

Francisco, a national expert in football accumulator betting, did just that: he bet on 14 matches in Segunda, Segunda B and Tercera and the odds went through the roof. What was the most he could lose? 1$? The reward was much bigger when compared to the losses he could have made.

But, BEWARE! The big ones don’t always win. Football is such an unpredictable sport that anything can happen. Trusting or underestimating the rival can be very expensive, just tell that to Real Madrid in this first part of the season. They have dropped valuable points at home against teams they thought were inferior.

But Barcelona are no slouches either, last season they floundered miserably against lesser opponents both at the Camp Nou and away from home. Football is a state of mind and is often guided by feelings, which is why it is so important to keep up to date on a daily basis and follow the most detailed team news.

If you are looking for more specific tips on how to place a multi bet, don’t miss the 7 unique tips to place a good multi bet.

Two types of single bets: doubles and trebles

I’m sure you were impressed by Francisco’s story and would like to have the same knowledge as him. But the road to becoming an expert in the world of football accumulator betting is a long and arduous one. Hours and hours assimilating information, getting to know the type of bets, studying all the forecasts… It is better to start with single bets: doubles and trebles.

Combined 2 or double bet: this is the most basic bet in the combined betting section. It is made up of the selection of two bets in which the odds are multiplied together to increase the quotation up to double. Of course, logically, in order to win the bet, you have to win the two selected picks.

Combined 3 or triple bet: The operation is almost the same as the combined 2. The difference is that in this case three picks are selected. The odds of each of the three picks are multiplied together to find out what the final odds will be. For example, if we have chosen three events with the following odds: 1.80, 1.70 and 1.61, the odds for the 3 way bet would be 4.72$.

If you want to learn how to get into the fantastic and exciting world of football accumulator betting and become like Francisco, you know what to do. Start by betting on events that you really know how to bet on, how to do it, by soaking up all the necessary information that will allow you to play wisely and not lose heart even if at the beginning the winnings are not what you expected. Remember that, to become an “ace” of betting, as I said a few lines above, it is essential to be patient and careful with every prediction. For more information on how to bet, the 7 tips that will bring you closer to success in betting will be of great help.

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